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Working with you as part of our SaaS journey was and still is an enjoyable and professional experience. You are professionals in all levels – analysis, design and execution! Complexity is not something you are afraid of. Any challenge gets a thorough analysis, design and clear execution plan. Great people! I enjoyed working with each one of you - No matter what aggressive deadline you guys need to meet, you enjoy the experience you get. You are open to hear any opinion and you quickly adapted the CYBR culture – it feels you are real part of our family.

Shlomi Marom
Director of Engineering

Thank you very much for your contribution and professional assistance in building our complex solution for the Cyber Intelligence strategic tender. Your extensive knowledge and professionalism allowed us to overcome great obstacles and create a well-defined modern architecture, based on the most modern platforms being used today such as Microservices, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and Redis. This top notch solution is now capable to completely survive failures and achieve the critical goal of zero data loss. Above all, we would like to thank you for your extreme commitment and engagement in an almost impossible schedule and for being part of the team from day one in an unconditionally manner.

Omry Pazi
Software Architecture Team Leader

We had to completely replace the underlying database of a very complex product, there were many technologies involved, there was no one was familiar with the code, no one knew the database schema, there were plenty of massive performance bottlenecks and there was a harsh time limit… Within short time since 1 2 3 completed joined, we learned the system, we coped with all technological challenges, we cleared all other obstacles, and we have got a living example of professional standards that were the key factor to this project success. … For me it is crystal clear: without 1 2 3 completed on board, we would have never achieved quality and on-time completion of this project.. Thanks for making this happen!

Yochai Uliel
Development Manager, APM, VMware

888 is extremely happy with the consultancy services we get from 1 2 3 Completed. We are utilizing 1 2 3 Completed outstanding consultancy services in numerous ways. They assist us by simplifying complex architecture solutions, development of real time big data solutions, supporting our GigaSpaces XAP implementation , implementing across the board development lifecycle management operations and more. There are times when we regret not calling 1 2 3 Completed experts sooner. Whenever we contact 1 2 3 Completed we realize we could have saved valuable time and lots of money. The ROI is obvious from the first minute they come in the door. Our relationship grew to be beyond the standard customer supplier type. We are proud to be a great reference for their practice. 1 2 3 Completed is one of our most trustworthy partners.

TD – Ronen Tidhar
Bingo R&D & Testing Director, 888 Holdings

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